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Industrial Rehabilitation and Prevention

Industrial Rehabilitation and Prevention

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Industrial Rehabilitation and Prevention

Rehabilitation after work related injury

At Swift, one of our specialties is working with those individuals who have been injured “on the job”.  These patients have a unique set of circumstances that require very specific attention. We focus on assisting all of the injured workers that come through our door to return to normal work duties as quickly as possible. However, we also focus on a full and comprehensive recovery to ensure safety while returning to work and preventing future injuries.

Any work can become injured on the job, even those who sit all day. Sitting a desk slouched or hunched over a keyboard causes hip flexor and hamstring tightness, postural muscle weakness and upper trapezius and pectoral tightness. Having the right ergonomic set up for your individual needs is important. Your work station will be set up differently for each individual body type.  

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Much of return to work rehabilitation is focused on education to prevent injury or re-injury. This includes:

  • Education on proper posture and work station set up to ensure proper posture
  • Lifting techniques and form education
  • Evaluation of body mechanics during work duty performance
  • Discussion of proper posture while driving
  • Recommendation on proper footwear for the workplace

Helping local workers and businesses

Swift Rehabilitation is a family business which strives to be a valuable member of our community. This includes helping out local businesses with their physical therapy needs. We are available for ergonomic assessments and on-site evaluations if required. We can provide worker care pre or post injury and assessment for job duties/requirements. For more information about the services we can offer your business please call our Kennewick location.

Staying Fit at Work

It is important for our bodies and our overall health to move frequently and for our joints to perform movements through their whole range. We would like to provide you with a free brochure with a short guide on some easy to understand exercises for general body conditioning. You can perform these exercises at work, at home or with a friend it is up to. Go ahead, get moving! 

Click here for a 20 minute strength program!